CONQUEZ USA is a U.S. international partnerships (launched in 2015) with the clear goal of expanding international partnerships and global student recruitment for select U.S. based educational institutions. CONQUEZ USA has partnerships and agreements with long established recruiters and recruitment management companies as well as personal relationships in over 50 countries from where students have been recruited. CONQUEZ USA partners have a detailed knowledge of the U.S. student visa system (SEVIS) and comprises experienced university leadership in this field. The partners have extensive political networks in the U.S. and in key recruitment markets.

These partnerships include two of the largest global recruiters of international students; over 22,000 students recruited in the past 15 years for institutions worldwide.

CONQUEZ USA Executive Director, Patrick van Rooyen, during 2008-2015 was responsible for establishing a billion-dollar public corporation based in the USA. A major success story in international student recruitment and the creation of successful pathways programs, he established and led the U.S operations of this international student recruitment and pathways program provider building five major public university partnerships in the U.S. During his tenure and within the past six years to 2015, over 2,500 international students were recruited for these U.S. universities from 48 countries.

Patrick’s 30 years of background in international business encompasses operations and activities in over 50 countries. In fact, some of the first China recruited students in the 1990’s were his recruitments from a range of educational programs he launched in China.

In 2015, in conjunction with a range of partners and associates, he created Global Education Initiatives, LLC to stimulate international student recruitment in the USA as well as building unique partnerships internationally for U.S. educational institutions. In 2016 with and international team of partners, CONQUEZ USA was launched.

A key goal of CONQUEZ USA is to work with state, city and regional entities to better expand their knowledge and capability to promote global initiatives in the field of international student recruitment.