Conquez International

A new approach to Internationalization of higher education

For over 50 years, the CONQUEZ USA Partners have developed extensive global education networks with universities and educational organizations in over fifty countries. CONQUEZ international group based in Singapore is one such partner that works closely with CONQUEZ USA and with educational institutions to deliver the best international student talent through innovative and dynamic initiatives.

CONQUEZ international group offers over 20 years of experience in student recruitment services and along with CONQUEZ USA, aims to provide the perfect mix of a world-class, balanced education to a talented student network and at the same time catering to the needs of innovative universities worldwide.

As a team, CONQUEZ International and CONQUEZ USA provide extraordinary and well supported recruitment services worldwide. We guide institutions in the diverse climate of educational change, enhancing the experience of student learning, while providing academic accelerator programs that ease the global student into new cultures and languages while completing their chosen studies.

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