Global Recruitment Network

A Perfect Fit

The CONQUEZ USA global partnership brings together one of the largest and historically best performing international networks of student recruiters and advisors; maintaining a solid reputation and recognition by educational institutions globally.

For over fifty years, the CONQUEZ USA partners have successfully recruited some 20,000 international students at all levels; graduate, undergraduate, secondary college and vocational and community college. These networks have worked with institutions in forty countries.

We specialize in evolving partnerships and academic programs with learning institutions that value diversity and excellence; creating opportunities, stimulating international student education and academic success. CONQUEZ USA can identify the profile and location of students and standards sought by its university partners in the USA and Canada to recruit students that are a perfect fit.

With global paradigms constantly changing, it is vital to have a partner that understands the shifts and evolution in international academic systems. CONQUEZ USA provides constant innovation and an integrated approach with institutional faculty and administration seeking excellence in academic results and programming. Contact us today to see how we can help your institution in achieving success.