Meet Our Leadership

Patrick van Rooyen, Executive Director, CONQUEZ USA

Patrick van Rooyen is the Executive Director of CONQUEZ USA, a U.S. corporation providing a range of services in international education. CONQUEZ USA is an international partnership focused on building unique global educational linkages and new academic accelerator programs in U.S education.

In 2015, Patrick completed a six-year contract in establishing and building one of the larger international education for-profit corporations in the USA. A billion-dollar public company and a global leader in international student programs, Patrick launched the company in the USA during 2008-2015 and established the first five major university partnerships. In his six-year leadership role in international education he provided oversight for over 2,500 international students recruited for the U.S. university partners and a range of new dynamic programs created. The project had an estimated positive economic impact in the USA of over $250 million in those six years.

With global paradigms constantly changing, it is vital to have a partner that understands the shifts and evolution in international academic systems. CONQUEZ USA provides constant innovation and an integrated approach with institutional faculty and administration seeking excellence in academic results and programing. Contact us today to see how we can help your institution in achieving success.

Jagdeep Sawhney, Director, CONQUEZ

The Co-Founder of CONQUEZ, Mr. Jagdeep Sawhney is a masterful International Education professional with a deep insight in to the global student mobility stemming from his vast experience of over 30 years in the field. He brings the solid base foundation to CONQUEZ for its long-term vision and reliability from his in-depth knowledge and complete understanding of the complex educational systems of different countries around the globe.

Jagdeep has built over 20 University Exchange Partnerships across the world for global student mobility. He has been instrumental in the curriculum development and execution of twinning programs between Institutions from UK/Ireland/Singapore/Australia and India/Thailand/Vietnam/Myanmar/Chad.

His years of working with cross-country partnerships across the world make him the ideal candidate for the planning and management of the Global Vision of CONQUEZ.