Strategic Partnership Program

A Strategy That Works

Expanding your institution’s international studies commonly requires a major investment in development and implementation of a strategic plan; hiring of staff, travel, relationship development and management of this plan becomes an extremely expensive proposition.

CONQUEZ USA’s Strategic Partnership Program (USPP) offers your institution the full resources of our trusted Partners; more than 50 years of expertise, connection to our extensive global education network with universities and educational organizations in over forty countries to assist in developing and evolving your international strategic plan with little or no cost to your institution.

Why go it alone? A CONQUEZ USA’s USPP removes many of the concerns and costs of international initiatives. We enable your institution to blend into a proven, successful series of international relationships. Imagine: key advisors providing strategic analysis of current programs and initiatives to create a strategic international plan that fits your unique objectives and hands-on management and implementation of the strategic plan to achieve your student admissions goals.

With global paradigms constantly changing, it is vital to have a partner that understands the shifts and evolution in international academic systems. CONQUEZ USA provides constant innovation and an integrated approach with institutional faculty and administration seeking excellence in academic results and programing. Contact us today to see how we can help your institution in achieving success.