Academic Extension Program (AEP)

An exciting, cost-effective solution for international students

The U.S remains the first choice as a study destination for most international students, however the biggest challenge is the cost: a four-year undergraduate degree can cost $200,000 and up; graduate degree programs are similar – costing $100,000-$150,000. CONQUEZ USA Academic Extension Program (AEP) changes that model, dramatically slashing the cost of a U.S degree.

Our Academic Extension Program (AEP) is a unique U.S university level, academic program providing excellent opportunities for the international student to gain a U.S undergraduate or graduate degree online, at a greatly reduced cost of both living and studying in the U.S for four years or more.

How does it work? AEP students attend a Tutorial Center at one of our many global locations where they complete the standard university undergraduate courses in a two year, structured online framework within a monitored and supervised setting, providing an extensive range of support programs such as Academic English or other support courses where needed; connecting and familiarizing students to the U.S academic and cultural environment.

The CONQUEZ USA AEP provides an exciting cost-effective option for the international student committed to gaining a four year undergraduate or 2 year graduate U.S university degree while creating an exciting new initiative for U.S universities with comprehensive online courses covering the first years or all of an undergraduate degree and key subject requirements for preparation into a graduate program.

With global paradigms constantly changing, it is vital to have a partner that understands the shifts and evolution in international academic systems. CONQUEZ USA provides constant innovation and an integrated approach with institutional faculty and administration seeking excellence in academic results and programing. Contact us today to see how we can help your institution in achieving success.